Amap wanted to update its Windows 8 app to be more usable and integrate more services into it to offer a more personalized map for users. But the problem is they don’t know how. Microsoft also wanted the apps from its top partners like Amap to be beacons for the rest to follow. So they brought us in to elevate the existing app to the next level.

Our role in this project is the experience consultant. Starting from Amap’s strategic vision, we deeply thought through the possible services and functions it should integrate in the app in order to deliver a personalized map. We re-design the user interface, making the map to be centered on people’s lives with sections like “places to go” and “things to do.” We added a user center so users can add their places and follow events or special offers around them. All these efforts, going way beyond UI level, are a representation of Amap’s future.

高德地图作为中国一流的免费地图应用,拥有超过一亿的用户,曾是苹果IOS6系统提供的在华地图。而在WIN8平台上却一直受限于最初的设计准则,大抵仅仅是“能用”而已。所以高德希望提升他们WIN版APP的易用性,并且整合更多的服务打造一个“生活化”、“个人化”的地图应用。同时作为微软的TOP PARTNER,微软也希望能够有一款应用足够突破和优秀,成为其他合作伙伴树立产品设计质量的参照。

在这个项目中我们提供的是交互体验咨询的服务,从品牌战略的角度考虑对生活服务的整合,并为用户带来个性化的使用体验。虽然最初的需求是针对WINDOWS平台,塑造一款更能体现Windows 8特性、并在此平台上有足够差异化的应用。但随着后期方案的逐步深入,高德开始考虑把很多我们设想的很多设计思路延伸到更多平台甚至全部产品线上。

  • 塑造一款“基于地理位置的出行、生活规划助手”
  • 简化交互流程,通过自然的引导使用户产生下一步操作
  • 通过“个人中心”,让用户自定义个性化服务,微妙的整合商业模式,使地图与用户的生活息息相关
  • 最终成品除了UI的重塑,更需要产品优化的思路,一个可以长期渗透到品牌未来的宏观方案